Mid-Century Monday: Bottoms Up!

Oh...my...gosh. Did anyone else feel like they needed a drink to calm themselves after last night's episode of "Mad Men" (especially when Roger walked into that Honda meeting...)?! I know I did, so I thought it appropriate to dedicate today's blog post to the oh-so-stylish bar carts and glassware I oftentimes see on this show.

If you watch just one episode of "Mad Men," you'll be able to see that drinks (and always having them readily available) were a big part of mid-century, 1960s culture. It was assumed that when you walked into a home, there would be a bar of sorts out in the open, and I think, in a twisted sort of way, it created a kind of community and was used as a way to show and accept hospitality from one another.

People in the show are always minding their manners and offering drinks to others as they pour from their personal cart, and if you think about it, that courtesy still exists today. When friends come over we still jump at the opportunity to offer them a beverage, whether it be water, wine or beer, but the emergence of the "bar scene" has taken this courtesy out of the house and to a less refined level. And it's especially heavier on the pocketbook. Think of the money you'd save on drinks by having friends over for some mixed beverages, served from your stylish bar cart and with some gold-rimmed highball glasses! For example...

On the show, each time we enter Don's office, I'm dying to get a better peek at the teak bar cart he has in there, but here's an example of a similar one. Don's has curved edges and some gold trim, but this one was a common style found in plenty of offices and homes during that time:

They usually have at least two levels, sometimes three, giving you enough space to display the various liquor bottles you have on hand. They're also usually on wheels, which is optimal for the home, allowing you to roll the bar into the living room when you have guests over. Some have a kind of push-cart handle on one end, some have glass shelves, and some are stationary, but you get the idea.

Last night I also got a second glimpse of some highball glasses I'd seen a couple episodes prior (I think the Christmas party episode), and I just love them. They kind of have a circus feel with tall skinny triangles going up and down the side, sandwiched between gold trim on the top and bottom. I snapped a shot on our TV (thank you DVR for the pause option) of one being held by one of the new characters this season, so pardon the pixel-ness:

Here are some other examples that I just couldn't keep from posting. The designs on glassware during this time went so many directions, from simple to detailed, and classic to atomic/modern:

These glasses don't take up much room, and they add a nice decorative touch to the space you're hosting them in. I found a set at our local Salvation Army that are currently housed on my Etsy site and waiting for a new home (see picture below), so it's definitely possible to come across them without spending an arm or a leg.

I'll end on a public service announcement (and I really do mean it): Please drink responsibly! This post isn't meant to condone over-consumption of alcohol. And for my friends out there with underage kids (or ones on the way), obviously this isn't the right time to bring in the drink cart...just keep it bookmarked for when the little ones are off to college. By then you might need to knock a couple back to bring yourself to write those tuition checks. :)

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  1. LOVE the gilded glasses! Such a great way to add a glamorous touch to the table...


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