I Love You, Man

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have some fun weekend plans on the horizon! In honor of this day of the week being the day movies are usually released in theaters, I thought it would be fun to have a segment called "Reel Inspiration," where we look at the wardrobe and set design of our favorite movies and see how we can incorporate it into our lives (if we so wish).

After conceiving this idea, I knew immediately what I wanted the first one to be: I Love You, Man. There have been many blog posts and fashion articles written about the style of this movie (including Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite interior design blogs). Most of them circle around Rashida Jones's wardrobe, and her and Paul Rudd's home decoration, and for good reason. The set and costume designers (Christopher Carlson + Leesa Evans, respectively) were able to create this beautifully eclectic, mid-century modern feel that's full of bright colors and bold patterns mixed together...all things that are really challenging to pull off with style. So bravo!

When I first started planning my wedding (I know, there are a lot of wedding-related stories; bear with me, I'm a newlywed!), I had recently seen this movie, and I wanted to try and copy the style of Zooey + Peter's happy celebration. It was simple yet very striking: Wooden canopy frames layered in white fabric; crystals strung along the aisle; and the bridesmaids all wore these canary yellow dresses, with that same color popping up here and there in flowers, etc.

I found out that the dress was made by J. Crew, and was able to dig up several used ones at Once Wed (which is a GREAT resource for buying a used or sometimes brand new wedding dress that saves you hundreds of dollars). If you're planning your big day and love this dress like I do, the style is called "Rebecca." As I write, there is one in a size 12 and size 14 on there!

As for Zooey's wardrobe, I noticed an overall style to it that almost always involved a cardigan and a textured top or T-shirt. Either the cardigan had a pattern and the top was a bright color, or the other way around. In the picture on the bottom-left of the inspiration board, it's a carefully crafted combination of both. Most of the time she's wearing jeans, but these top combos also go really well with a high-waist skirt if you're looking for something that gives it more an of office outfit feel.

I was only able to find one good picture of their apartment (this one is their kitchen/dining room), but it's enough to get an idea. I love the bright yellow walls (yellow in a kitchen is so cheery); bright and bold curtains in a white and green pattern; and those two adorable white lamps with the trademark mid-century shades (the ones that are cylindrical and the same width top to bottom). The key, however, with most interior design is in the details. Creating a base is fairly easy once you pick a color palette, but accessorizing the room without taking away from the aesthetic you're going for is really challenging, and often takes some time to accomplish. But with perseverance (ha!), you can!

I think I'm going to scout the stores this weekend for some Zooey outfits (and probably watch this movie again for some inspiration!). I'll let you know what I find!

Thanks for stopping by + stay inspired!


  1. Not only does this movie boast style galore...it is so darn hysterical! For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, make it movie night this week if you're in the mood to laugh. For those of you who have... 'Slappin' the base...'

  2. I haven't seen this movie, but will definitely be renting it :)

    I had to laugh because my kitchen walls are yellow with green/white curtains. My house is still very bare bones though because I just can't decide exactly what direction I want to go in. As if we haven't figured out the pattern here -- I'm such a style loser. ;)


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