Style Spots: The Cheese Factor

Evening greetings to you all! The Dart and I had a very successful run of thrifting today, and thanks to her keen eye, I am able to present you with this AMAZING vintage fondue set that I'll be posting on the Parsimonia store tomorrow:

I mean, LOOK at this glorious piece of mid-century goodness. It even came with a set of forks with wooden handles (not pictured). How much fun would it be to have a bunch of friends over for a drink and a dip? Pretty freaking fun, I say. And if that drink is some freshly squeezed orange juice, maybe this would strike your fancy as well:

I was so excited to spot this adorable set (which has five glasses, I just photographed one) because you don't often find ones that come with a pitcher. What a great what to brighten your breakfast table!

Next comes a little black Harry Levine purse that has a fabulous lining:

And, lastly, this sweet little dress — perfect for the upcoming fall season, especially if you happen to have a skinny belt and some vintage pumps:

This is by far not all of the haul, however. I have a very busy day ahead of me tomorrow, posting skirts, dresses, shoes and some other creative + confident finds. So be sure to check in on the progress!

See you tomorrow for our next installment of Reel Inspiration, and, if you haven't already, don't forget to email me your Thrifty Thursday challenge ideas! I kept my eyes peeled today for some "Zooey" shirts and cardigans, but came up empty-handed. Luckily I have a whole week to, as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"


  1. Reading this makes me smile:) If I could, you know I'd be at your place for a drink and a dip in a heartbeat! - Kimber

  2. Girl, please. We're gonna drink and dip it up over Thanksgiving (I hope). It shall be glorious. P.S. Miss you too! :)


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