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Okay my lovelies! I'm back from an afternoon of thrifting and can't wait to share what I brought home. But first, I wanted to give some thoughts on the stores I visited today.

Ladera Goodwill on La Tijera
I've never been to this one, but it might make it on my list of places to hit when I'm in Culver City.

The perks: It was clean, organized and even color-coded to a certain extent. I only ran into a couple racks filled to the brim (making it nearly impossible to go through them without straining your arm muscles), so that was definitely a good thing. They also have a fairly large inventory, so you can spend a good deal of time giving it the ol' once-over.

The downfalls: This store is clearly run by managers who know how to play the resale game, meaning the prices on most of the items I wanted to purchase were just too high for me to justify it. I found a couple jackets that would be great for the fall season out here, but one was $10 and the other $15 (I know, that's not ridiculously high, but enough to make you think it over for a while). I also ran into this really cute mid-century serving bowl. It was clear glass with blue and gold etchings on it. It would've gone great in my Etsy store, but alas, the price was to high to be able to make any sort of profit.

This problem of "boutique prices," as they like to call them, is something thrifters are encountering more and more. Companies have gotten wind of the vintage craze and are making sure their managers keep an eye out for things they might be able to get more money for, which is a bummer.

National Council of Jewish Women Thrift Shop on Venice
I realized after I posted it that going from Culver City all the way to the Miracle Mile area was a really dumb idea, so I'm going to save the one on Fairfax until next Thursday. Instead, on my way home I stopped by the Council Thrift Shop on Venice. Over the years I've learned not to waste my time on these stores because they're ridiculously overpriced...and today was no exception. In fact, it seems they've raised their prices even more since the last time I was there, so this has officially crossed them off my list for now. And it's very unfortunate. I found some amazing vintage sauce pots, scarves and a couple dresses, but to buy them all would've cost about $60 (yikes!), which takes away the whole point of shopping second-hand. So I left there empty-handed.

The Goods
First up is this AMAZING vintage Crock-Pot, made by Sears. Avocado green is perhaps my favorite color, and I love the outlines of different herbs floating around the side. It's also the first one I've come across that has a white porcelain interior, which I thought was interesting.

Now, confession time: I'm a tad bit obsessed with vintage Crock-Pots (you can ask my husband or my former roommates and they will confirm this). I've been operating under the rule that if I find one, then I have to get rid of the one I already have, but it's getting really hard to do because they're just so darn cute. They resonate very much with my mid-century-inspired soul, and I have this very off-the-wall dream of putting up shelves in the dining room to display them (and also use it as an artistic conversation piece?). I'm thinking if I'm really sweet, I can get the hubby to agree to it. However, I'm not holding my breath. The Crock-Pot below would be the one I'd be getting rid of, but for now we'll let these two become friends and see what happens.

The second item is this awesome '80s bolero blazer made by Spitalnick. It's in really great condition, with these military-esque straps on the shoulders, and some really greats darts in the back. All but one of the buttons are concealed when it's buttoned up, and I just LOVE the tweedy-wool material, especially in shades of brown and gray. This little number, as much as I'd love to keep it, will be going up in the Etsy store. So if you're interested, you know where it is!

Thanks for stopping by! Talk to ya tomorrow + stay inspired!


  1. good work Beth. I have some items you might be interested in. Should I send you pictures> lvu Gram.

  2. Love the crock pots Beth. Very cute!



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