Sustainable Style: Sseko Designs

Photos courtesy of Sseko Designs
Welcome back for day two of our opening week at the Parsimonia blog! We're kicking off our Tuesday segment, which I'm calling "sustainable style." For me this can be anything from repurposing items, recycling clothing via thrift shops, making things from sustainable resources, or helping men and women in poverty-stricken countries use their natural talents to create sustainable businesses. It's very inspiring to see how many creative + confident people out there are part of this side of the style industry, and today's company is no exception.

I came across Sseko Designs amid the frenzy of planning for my wedding, which was this past June. A friend of mine was over for dinner and we were talking shoes, and she told me about Sseko. Since we were having an outdoor wedding in a park, heels were out of the question or the girls would sink into the ground and become part of the landscape. So the other options were flat sandals or wedges.

Sseko was especially at the top of the list because 1) their sandals were super cute and you could buy additional straps to change up your look, and 2) they're made by young women in Uganda who have recently graduated from secondary school. Sseko hires them for nine months to make the sandals, and the proceeds go toward a university-level education for them. Talk about empowering!

Here are some of their latest designs:

All photos courtesy of Sseko Designs

Right now Team Sseko is on its first Sseko d'USA tour as a way to build relationships, tell their amazing story, and see where the future takes them! They're looking not only for retail partners, but places to stay as well, so if you have a business and are interested in partnering with their efforts, or you just want to offer your extra bedroom, check out their schedule to see if they're coming to a city near you!

Thanks for stopping by + stay inspired!


  1. my sister has these sandals and LOVES them. she even posted about it on her blog: http://moann.blogspot.com/2010/06/coolest-shoes-ever.html

  2. ...to add to Em's point, Melissa actually made her own straps for her Sseko's and they're darn cute!! http://moann.blogspot.com/2010/07/sseko-straps.html

  3. Those so SO cute! I'm definitely motivated to get a pair now...

  4. *are* so cute...how embarrassing! :)


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