Introducing Thrifty Thursday Challenge

Welcome, welcome to another Thrifty Thursday! As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be visiting two Goodwill SoCals in the Miracle Mile area that I've never been to before, and I won't be going alone! With me will be my longtime thrift buddy and former roommate, a.k.a "The Dart" (for various reasons), and we work quite well together. Not only is she willing to spend an entire afternoon digging through clothes racks, over the years she's developed a really good eye and I absolutely covet her wardrobe (there, I said it). I'll let you know what we were able to unearth, and hopefully have some photos of the action to post here as well.

And Now It's Time for the Thrift-Down!

(If you're an avid Food Network fan like I am, you know that I totally poached and slightly tweaked the name of one of its shows, but I have confidence in your ability to let it slide.)

I've been thinking really hard about what I wanted these Thrifty Thursdays to be about, and rather than giving you a laundry list of strategies and tips, I think I've landed on an idea that will be fun. This past Friday, in our first Reel Inspiration post, I ended by saying I was going to hunt for a second-hand version of a "Zooey" outfit (but got distracted), and it got me thinking: What if I did something like that each week? My answer: sounds great!

Ideally, you — my lovely readers — will send in your own challenges via email (with a photo) of an outfit you'd like to see recreated in second-hand style. If I deem my skills worthy enough, I shall accept, and through that process share how I was able to (hopefully) make it happen.

Since it's such short notice, I'll just pick up where I left off this past Friday and go on the hunt for a "Zooey" recreation this week. Then, next Thursday I'll unveil the results, you can decide if it's a win or a loss, then we'll announce the new challenge!

So...get that thing between your ears in gear and email me your thrift-down! Can't wait!

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