A Short Road Toward a Good Journey

Ready for a safari njema!
Well...I did it! I put myself (and my pasty white legs) out there in the world this past Saturday, as promised. The hubs had some work in Orange County that was going to keep him there from 4 pm to midnight, so we made a deal: I would accompany him in exchange for a dinner date and visits to a couple of the local thrift stores. This sounded like the perfect opportunity to break out those shorts, especially since I wouldn't run the risk of blinding someone we knew! For those of you just tuning in, check out last Wednesday's blog post to get filled in and join the fun!

The whole experience was about what I expected. For the first half of the night I was convinced that everyone was staring at my legs and did my best to carry on through what I was sure were glaring judgments (oh, insecurities...). But, after a while, I didn't really notice the lack of fabric. I even took things a step further and starting picking out things I LIKED about my legs (although it might've been the wine talking...).

Even if I still don't take them out more than once a year, I think it was a good exercise. Taking risks in our style automatically brings our insecurities to the surface, which of course isn't fun. However, you'll never learn to speak against them and replace them with what's true (that you are amazing!) if you don't go into the heat of battle every now and again. We spend so much time assuming that others are judging us and don't stop to realize that most of the time it's us bringing down the gavel.

So, next time I don my safari-style shorts, I'm going to be armed with the positive things I discovered about my legs, even if I need a glass of wine to remember (ha!). What about you? Did you take any risks or push the limits of your comfort zone this past week? Even if it's something as crazy as wearing a necklace AND earrings at the same time (that's a special nod to one of my former roommates), I really would love to hear about it!

Also, I want to put out a special call for your stumbling blocks (and your closets!). If you've got a question or really anything you'd love to start a conversation about, something that's keeping you from honing a style that's true to who you are, email me (along with a photo of your closet) and let's walk through it together! I'm sure there are plenty of people out there wondering the same thing, and great things happen when willing minds come together.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to the Miracle Mile area for a Thrifty Thursday and will be sure to post my favorite finds from the day. Fingers crossed that parking isn't a nightmare!

Thanks for stopping by + stay inspired!


  1. Well I wore my new hip bag (that's 'fanny pack' for those of you from the 80s) and I acutally got a compliment! Don't worry...it's bohemian and funky...not black and vynal like they once were.

    It was still easier than wearing a necklace AND earrings. I'm with your dart friend on that one. :)

  2. you look totally cute in those shorts!


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