White Layer Cake With Strawberry Jam + Almond Filling

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So, as you might have already guessed, I neglected my usual Thrifty Thursday Challenge today. This America Ferrera shirt has been much more difficult to match than I anticipated, so, since it's my blog, I'm giving myself another week. :)

I shant leave you without something to feast your eyes on, however. This post will not only satisfy your sight, it will tempt your taste buds.

It's safe to say that our most frequently exercised appliance is the KitchenAid stand mixer we got as a wedding present. As another gift, we recently received the ice cream bowl attachment and have made so much of this delicious dessert we could probably give Baskin Robbins a run for its 32 flavors.

Last night, however, the hubs and I were craving a different kind of sweet treat: cake. The problem was — as it always is — deciding which recipe to make. I am a passionate lover of chocolate (yeah, that's right), but he prefers vanilla. I love yellow cake, but he likes white. I can do without the nuts and the filling, but he almost always wants coconut or pecans or almonds involved.

Eventually, I caved. I had made this white layer cake (via Baking Illustrated) a couple months ago that he just couldn't get enough of, so he pleaded with me for another one. It has a butter frosting, a strawberry jam and almond filling, and the cake is made with egg whites, so it's really light.

I know, I know...what's so wrong with that? Nothing, really. It is delicious, but there's no chocolate! I guess next cake bake we all know what will be on the menu. :)

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