Mid-Century Monday: Cocktail Rings

I certainly hope you were able to catch last night's episode of "Mad Men," because it was the perfect follow-up to last week's epic turn of events. It also felt like the styling of the ladies on the show was taken up a notch. Joan's teal dress in the second half of the show was soooo chic, and fit her like a glove. And I absolutely fell in love with Faye's whole look when she went to dinner with Don. The green sheer dress was beautiful with her natural tones, and her accessories...well I adored them so much I'm dedicating this whole post to one in particular: her cocktail ring (see fuzzy iPhone photos below).

I was curious how this trend started, so I looked up some things online. According to an amalgamation of sources, cocktail rings are also known as dinner rings and right-hand rings (because women generally wore them on the fourth finger of their right hand). Some say they became big in the 1940s and 1950s, others say it was earlier than that, during Prohibition times, where women often wore them to illegal, alcohol-filled parties (cocktail parties) to show off their status in life. Both sides, however, agree on their style: oversize, dramatic, and set with either precious or faux gems (what we know as "costume" jewelry).

These use to be easier to come by at garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores, but as their popularity has grown in the past several years, sellers are starting to price them higher than they use to. Still, they end up being less expensive than getting the brand new versions, and the vintage styles just have something that reproductions just can't capture.

I'm lucky enough to have some in my jewelry collection (see pictures below), and can't wait to break them out for the fall season. We're so bundled up with hats and coats that decorating our fingers is a great way to add a kick of drama to our outfits. And you're in luck, because I have a beautiful gold and amber cocktail ring housed in the sale section of the Parsimonia store that would be a great addition to your collection.

Why should your neck, wrists and ears have all the fun? Bling out on vintage cocktail rings this season, and I promise you'll be lovin' your second-hand style.

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