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If you read this morning's post, you'll remember that the grand finale of my birthday celebration last night was watching a movie at the Santee Drive-In in San Diego. We made a makeshift bed in the back of my husband's work van, brought a cooler of food, and enjoyed a really beautiful night under the stars...all for much less than it costs to see a movie at a local theater.

If you've never been to one, you really should...while they're still around.

When I was little, we still had one called the "66" Park-In Theatre in St. Louis in Crestwood, pictured below. It was torn down in 1992, when I was 8.

As you might be able to tell by the name, it was situated on old Route 66. Considering I was born in the '80s, I'm very lucky that I got to experience it before it turned into a Best Buy.

This has been the fate of most drive-ins around the country, and some are still holding on for dear life. Given that my generation has latched onto so many vintage styles and ideas, I'm hoping in my heart of hearts that drive-ins will make it off the endangered list. But unless they have HD or 3-D capabilities, I'm guessing it won't be the case.

So...today's Reel Inspiration post is dedicated to the nostalgia of drive-in theaters. I thought about showing photos of drive-in movie scenes (like the one in Grease), or putting together a list of things that would make a night at the drive-in a night to remember. But then I came across some vintage ads that, when grouped together, would make some amazing wall art. Check 'em out...

$9.99 via magicelectron on eBay

$8.46 via adloft on eBay

$7.49 via timebeforethis on eBay

$9.99 via whitemtnhowdy on eBay

$9.99 via petruccoscollectibles on eBay

Framing old ads is a great way to bring together vintage and modern style. They're all over places like eBay and Etsy, and with Michaels always dishing out coupons or having sales on frames and mats, it's also a relatively inexpensive way to clothe your walls.

A couple Christmases ago I ordered a bunch of alcohol ads from the 1950s and 1960s that also had a common theme of surfing (I know...it's kind of worrisome that companies were relating the two) for my then-boyfriend now-husband. I waited for Michaels to have a sale and then picked up three matching black frames and white mats, and had a great present for under $50. Now they hang above our record player and add a great bit of nostalgia to the living room.

When the first movie ended last night and before the second began, the owners of the drive-in played a short commercial from the 1950s, but it was over before I could snap a photo. Lucky for us, there are a ton of them posted on You Tube! 

Below are a couple of my favorites. Hopefully they'll get you in the drive-in spirit! Have a great weekend!

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