Friday Night Lights

Yay, it's Friday! Seems like this week blew by (at least for me), and I hope it did for you, too. Looking forward to a really mellow weekend after last weekend's crazy string of event after event. And, even better, I finally planned ahead of time to make this slow cooker curried vegetable and chickpea stew (via The Kitchn), so I'm looking forward to an easy cook + clean-up situation for dinner.

I don't know what the weather's been like in your neck of the wood, but these past two days have held a bit of chill in the air, which has left me ready to immerse myself into the upcoming fall season (only a few more weeks until it's official!). I'm ready for layers, for constantly being under a blanket whilst lounging at home, for hearty stews that leave you less meal-planning to do, and for two of my favorite sports to watch on TV: hockey (is in fact #1) and football.

Growing up in Webster Groves, Missouri (throw your dubs up! ha!), high school football is what you plan your Fridays around. It's a huge social event for the whole community, and it doesn't matter what age you are or what grade you're in, if there's a home football game going on, that's most likely where you, your friends and your family will be going.

Girls layer up in their cutest clothes (just in case that special someone you like is there with his friends), and you pack into a car with your best buds to spend the next several hours huddled under a blanket watching people walk by, watching the cheerleaders do their thing, yelling for the players on the field, and stretching your legs at halftime by walking to the concession stand for a tiny Styrofoam cup of hot chocolate. And I loved it (at least after my freshmen year when I wasn't in marching band anymore!).

This is perhaps why I love the show "Friday Night Lights" so much. It takes me back to everything I described in the previous paragraph. My husband and I started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago, and we're only finishing the first season (so don't tell me what happens!), and I have to say the character I think is absolutely fabulous is Tami "Mrs. Coach" Taylor (played by Connie Britton).

My husband and his family are actually from Texas, so I've been asking him how accurate the show is when it comes to small town Texas football. He said some of the intensity is a bit overblown, but a lot of the characters are spot on. And I guess a lot of other Texans agree with him since Britton's character was named in Texas Monthly's current issue as the second-greatest "TV Texan" (good article, you should check it out!).

I also love the way Mrs. T is styled in the show: simple yet chic. She's a gorgeous lady to begin with (I LOVE her hair), so I think they're spot on by giving her simple (mostly solid) shirts, a lot of cute jackets and understated accessories. What do you think?

Doesn't it just make you want to break out your jean jacket and boots? I especially love the somewhat "hard" look she has going on with the charcoal T, brown leather jacket in her arm, brown leather purse and those aviators.

Fall...we welcome you with open arms. Go Statesmen! ;-)


  1. Ditto your sentiments about Mrs. T...loved her character in that show! Kimber

  2. I love Friday Night Lights! I've never really wanted to follow a television show until I saw it. Having spent some time in Texas, I have seen the gargantuan stadiums and agree with your hubby's opinion on the accuracy of the show.

    Yay fall for football, hockey and clothes! And, go Statesmen!


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