Mary Tyler Moore

Does anyone else notice that their work wardrobe gets a little more attention when fall is in the air? Maybe it's the opportunities that exist with combining layers to combat a chillier climate, or maybe it's because fabrics like tweed and wool start to surface. And those — at least to me — have "office" written all over them.

Yes, I know: It's Labor Day weekend. I should be firing up the grill and getting what I can out of my summer dresses right now! Sorry...just as the leaves on the trees are getting ready to turn, I'm ready for my wardrobe to turn a new leaf.

I've definitely been drawn to warm and fuzzy textiles lately as I've been scouring the second-hand stores, and last night's scroll through the TV shows available on Hulu only added fuel to the fire. I had no idea that almost all of the classic Nick at Nite shows I watched growing up could be mine again in a matter of clicks: "Bewitched," "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and... "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (TMTMS to us groupies).

Part of me is inspired by the clean and chic style of Mary, and another the eclectic, colorful and somewhat hippie style of Rhoda. For example, I am LOV-IN' Mary's outfit in the picture below, especially that fabulous belt. It's very understated in terms of color, but oh so classy. And Rhoda...I love the combination of red with gold jewelry, something that you can pull off in the summer and spring. Her outfit is a great example of something that's simple when it comes to cut and color, but brought to life with the ornate details of a chunky necklace and earrings.

Another thing I love about the style of this show is the use of scarves, in hair, on the neck, as a belt. Below, Mary has one tied into her hair with some fabulous earrings, and it's something that still runs strong today. I actually just wore this style combo today! Below that she spices up a very neutral outfit with a pop of color and print around the neckline. And then there's dear Rhoda, rocking it hippie-style with hoop earrings and a sweet vest.

And don't think you can make it through too many episodes without running across some fabulous prints. Rhoda's outfit in the picture below is a great splash of color paired with an understated skirt. And check out that fabulous (probably Bakelite) butter yellow bracelet and macrame purse (Dang! Why did I get rid of mine?!). Everything just comes together so seamlessly.

Here's to a celebration and send-off of a great summer as we fall into a new season!

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