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Yesterday I turned 27.

Officially out of my mid-20s.

My first birthday as a married woman.

And it was fabulous.

I was awakened by the hubs around 8:45 in the morning (he let me sleep in after a late night of watching "Friday Night Lights," God bless him) and told to come into the living room, where I saw this:

As I went closer, I saw he had made a delicious 2+2+2 breakfast, which is two pancakes, two eggs and country potatoes (a breakfast we frequently get at our favorite spot, The OP Cafe).

Then came presents from my family and his, one of which was a macro lens for my camera, which I'm beyond excited about. It's going to take my Etsy store photos to a whole new level, so thank you family! :)

Then we loaded up the van with a mattress, pillow, blankets (you'll see why later!) and my camera and hit the road toward San Diego. The first album we listened to was, of course, Journey's Greatest Hits...

The second was the Bleed American album by Jimmy Eat World, easily one of the best out there.

It was only a matter of time before I started playing with the new macro lens, and I'd like to say I took this photo while we were at a standstill, but we weren't.

This is reason #1 I have an amazing husband: He'll be my model even though he doesn't like having his picture taken.

Finally we arrived in San Diego. I picked this destination for a specific purpose:

Crazy Bowls and Wraps is my favorite place to eat in my hometown of St. Louis (I literally eat there at least once a day when I'm in town), and up until a couple years ago it was the only city you could find it. Then the owners opened up shop in San Diego, which is not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away from Santa Monica, so I've been biding my time. And yesterday was jackpot day.

We each got a wrap for lunch, and I insisted on buying extra wraps and bowls to bring home with us, so we had to get a Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice. This is reason #2 why I have an amazing husband. :)

We took our lunch and walked down to the boardwalk, where I promptly took out my macro lens so that all you good people out there could see just how darn good these wraps look. I got the traditional wrap, one of their several vegetarian options:

But Collin got the holy grail of wraps: the chicken Caesar. This is what I used to get (literally every time) until I became a vegetarian.

Just so you can see how happy I was...

After lunch, the next part of my birthday present was I got to run wild in a couple local thrift stores to buy things for me! It has been a constant challenge to refrain from adding a shirt here, or a skirt there, while I shop for the Parsimonia store, but for the most part I've done well. So to have a day where I could buy whatever I wanted and get some new clothes...utter ecstasy. This is reason #3 I have an amazing husband.

I don't have any photos from this leg of the journey because I was in the shopping zone, but I walked away with several cute sweaters and shirts, and some vintage jewelry.

Then we headed about 20 minutes inland to have dinner. We passed an Olive Garden and hadn't been since we lived in Missouri, so, feeling nostalgic, we went in and noshed on smoked mozzarella fonduta, portobello ravioli in a sun-dried tomato sauce, and he had cappellini di mare (pasta with seafood).

Finally, we hit the grand finale: the Santee Drive-In movie theater:

We backed into a parking spot, threw open the back doors, and lounged in luxury. It was the most comfortable I've ever been watching a movie.

All day, the weather was absolutely perfect (in the low 80s), so by the time night rolled around, it couldn't have been better conditions for watching a movie outside. We saw The Town, with Ben Affleck and Don Draper (oops, I mean Jon Hamm), and at 11 p.m. we headed back home.

Happy birthday to me. :)


  1. Awesome! Definitely a perfect Beth day :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your perfect day and blessings to "perfect Husband" for making it so special.LVU GRAM


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