Style Spots: Neighborhood Garage Sale

This morning I took our little pup Sadie for a walk, and was happy to come upon a garage sale a block and a half from our apartment. Of course I stopped, and saw almost instantly that it was more of an estate sale. I talked with the people running it, and they said they'd be gradually putting stuff out all day today and tomorrow, so I'll probably go back Sunday and see what new goodies there are. The prices were very reasonable, so there were four things I just couldn't pass up:

A set of 10 aluminum trays with hand-painted flowers on them:

A nautical-esque eagle mirror:

Four Pyrex mugs in the Woodland pattern, still in the original packaging:

And, last but certainly not least, a painting of a wiener dog, which currently hangs in our dining room and makes me smile each time I walk into the kitchen:

How bout you? Find any fun items today?

1 comment:

  1. that wiener dog picture is so cute. if you ever feel like parting with it, you should give it to daniel in memory of his doggie.


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