Sustainable Style: Anthropologie's Four-Legged Cause

At Anthropologie, the month of the September is going to the dogs. Through their Sit, Stay, Love program, they've partnered with animal welfare organizations across the country for pet adoption events and supply drives, hoping people will find room in their heart to take in a homeless pup. You can also drop off a donation to help animals who've yet to find a home of their own.

If you're looking for a four-legged addition to your family, check out the list below and see if there's an adoption event at the Anthropologie store in your town. It's so sad that many of these animals are homeless because of irresponsible practices in the pet industry (i.e. puppy mills) and with owners (i.e. spaying and neutering), causing a severe overpopulation of these animals all across the country and putting a ton of financial strain on these nonprofits.

However, I am a huge advocate of responsibility when it comes to being a pet owner, so really think about all that owning a dog entails as far as finances, time and space. If you feel you're lacking in any of those categories, I would encourage you to just donate money or supplies, something these organizations are in desperate need of. 

Annapolis, MD 10/2 10am-5pm
Atlanta, GA 9/18 10am-Noon
Austin, TX 9/25 1-5pm
Baton Rouge, LA 9/24 1-5pm
Bellevue, WA 9/25 3-6pm
Berkeley, CA 10/9 1-5pm
Beverly Hills, CA 9/23 Noon-4pm
Birmingham, AL 9/25 10am-2pm
Birmingham, MI 9/25 1-4pm
Boca Raton, FL 10/2 Noon-4pm
Burlingame, CA 9/25 2-4pm
Carlsbad, CA 10/1 3-6pm
Carmel by the Sea, CA 9/25 Noon-3pm
Chevy Chase, MD 10/2 10am-1pm
Chicago, IL 9/19 11am-3pm
Columbus, OH 9/25 1-5pm
Coral Gables, FL 9/18 Noon-5pm
Corte Madera, CA 10/9 10am-1pm
Edgewater, NJ 9/25 10am-4pm
El Segundo, CA 10/3 Noon-5pm
Geneva, IL 10/9 Noon-4pm
Germantown, TN 9/25 11am-3pm
Greenvale, NY 9/26 11am-3pm
Henderson, NV 9/25 Noon-5pm
Highland Park, IL 9/25 10am-2pm
Houston, TX 9/18 11am-3pm
CityCentre, Houston, TX 9/25 11am-3pm
Huntsville, AL 10/2 Noon-5pm
Jacksonville, FL 9/25 1-5pm
Lone Tree, CO 9/26 11:30am-3:30pm
Marlton, NJ 10/1 Noon-6pm
Miami Beach, FL 9/25 1-5pm
Miami, FL 9/25 Noon-6pm
Montclair, NJ 9/26 11am-2pm
Myrtle Beach, SC 9/25 Noon-4pm
Naples, FL 9/25 11am-2pm
Nashville, TN 9/18 10am-2pm
Orlando, FL 10/1 10am-2pm
Philadelphia, PA 9/23 1-4pm
Pittsburgh, PA 9/19 Noon-4pm
Plano, TX 9/26 Noon-4pm
Richmond, VA 9/25 10am-Noon
Roseville, CA 9/26 11am-2pm
Salt Lake City, UT 9/24 10am-5pm
San Antonio, TX 9/19 Noon-6pm
San Jose, CA 9/24 11am-2pm
Santa Barbara, CA 9/26 10am-3pm
Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ 9/18 11am-2pm
Kierland Commons, Scottsdale, AZ 9/25 10am-2pm
Seattle, WA 9/19 11am-3pm
Shrewsbury, NJ 9/25 10am-Noon
Skokie, IL 9/25 10am-2pm
South Windsor, CT 9/25 11am-1pm
Spring, TX 9/25 1-4pm
St. Louis Park, MN 9/23 4-7pm
Tucson, AZ 9/18 4-8pm
Wayne, PA 10/2 10am-Noon
West Palm Beach, FL 9/25 1-5pm
Westport, CT 10/2 11am-4pm

Anthropologie has also incorporated a line of dog-inspired home decor into their stores as a way to promote their adoption events, and there are some really cute things you could pick up while you're taking home your new companion! Check it out...

{All images courtesy of Anthropologie}

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