Sustainable Style: Mata Traders

I am so excited to share today's post with you! I often peruse the World of Good eBay site for Christmas presents in an effort to do some good during the crazy season of consumerism, and today's shop has quickly made it to number one on my list.

Mata Traders's goal is to provide high fashion, fairly traded clothing and accessories to a growing network of socially conscious consumers and retailers by working with organizations that educate, employ and empower women in Mata, India.

Their products are made exclusively by women’s cooperatives who pay their employees a living wage, provide safe working conditions, and offer services like on-site daycare, overtime compensation and retirement benefits. Through their work at the co-ops, women from impoverished rural and urban backgrounds can afford not only basic needs like food and clothing, but also something that is far too often a luxury in India: an education for their children. 

Every year, thousands of children migrate to the megacities of India to find work and send money back to their families. Providing income to women is a way to combat the problem of child labor at its roots, and stop the cycle of poverty. The change can be seen not only in the life of the woman employed by the co-op, but especially in the children the women can afford to educate. 

Another component of the line is the fabrics they use. Most are hand-woven and get their vibrant colors from environmentally safe vegetable dyes and traditional block printing processes. By using these textiles they support weavers and block printers throughout India whose livelihood has been endangered by the shift of fabric production to the factory.

I had such a difficult time not posting every item from their store because there are so many inspired and creative items, and they're all at really, really reasonable prices. However, here are my favorites for fall fashion scene:

Clef Earrings, $12.50

Cleopatra Earrings, $12.50

Dangle Necklace, $16.00

Droplet Necklace, $20.00

Enamel Necklace, $18.00

Headband, Wide, $10.00

Ikat Jacket, $49.00

Lattice Earrings, $12.50

Mela Top, $49.00

One Pocket Top, $28.00 (shown with Enamel Necklace)

Princess Dress, Front, $59.00

Princess Dress, Back

Scarf (comes in various colors), $28.00

Spiral Earrings, $12.50

Teardrop Tote Bag (also comes in navy), $10.00

Tiered Lotus Necklace, $16.00

Tree Bag, $12.00

Be sure and check out their shop to see if anything else catches your eye, and definitely keep places like these in mind for the upcoming holiday season. It's a great thing to give gifts that make a positive impact in the life of someone else!

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