Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier

{Image courtesy of Pottery Barn}

Last week I was in a major nesting phase. It'd been 2 1/2 months since martial bliss began, and there was still nothing on the walls. Our apartment didn't feel like "home," so I recruited my dear husband to hang things all over the living room, which — to his dismay — got my design juices flowing.

That night I cleaned out four empty wine bottles, and as I carried them toward the recycle bin, there was something about the color of the green (and my mind still racing with upcycling ideas) that kept me from putting them in. Surely I could think of something fun to give them a second life! Then I remembered this glorious chandelier I'd seen a while back in a Pottery Barn catalog.

Having thrown it out long ago, I popped open the laptop and did a Google image search to see if I could find it online. Clearly I'm not the only one who that it was amazing, because tons of blogs have featured it as one of those pieces they'd love to have but couldn't afford. Myself being one of them, I turned the screen to my husband and said, "Do you think you could figure out how to make something like this?" I could see he was torn as to how he should answer: If he said "yes," that surely meant more DIY time was in his future. If he said "no," he would have to deal with his adoring wife's disappointment. So he met his thoughts in the middle and said, "I could probably make something similar...."

Smart man. You just saved yourself a trip to Home Depot.

Not convinced we could make it happen, but still not able to get it out of my mind, I channeled my J-school training and dove into the world of online research. Eventually, I came across a blog where someone's husband endeavored — and succeeded — in recreating this same chandelier. "Great," I thought. "Maybe they have some tips." I clicked on the link and, to my indescribable joy, they had a step-by-step tutorial with photos!


Caitlin and her fiance Brandon of the That House on the Corner blog have been documenting their trials and triumphs of renovating their very first home, finding ways to stay true to their style without, as I like to say, breaking the bank. This past March their journey led them to recreate said chandelier for a mere $50, compared to the $400 original. Check it out:

{Image courtesy of That House on the Corner}

This definitely inspires me to start saving my wine bottles.

To see how you can make your own, check out their tutorial here.


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