Upcycled Sweaters

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon and early evening doing some freelance work and, conveniently, the best light in the house during that time is in our bedroom. That means I can lounge on our super comfortable bed, throw open our two big bay windows, and bask in the California sun hour after hour.

As the fire in the sky began to bow out for the day and the breeze picked up, it felt like I was sitting in the middle of a Midwestern fall, and I happily got out my favorite sweater so I could keep the windows open. Since then I've had knits on the brain, so I started scouring Etsy to see what the creative + confident ladies on there have been upcycling in preparation for cooler weather.

I was so excited to come across Mountain Girl Clothing (although I'm clearly not the first judging by her sales!). She takes old and unused sweaters and turns them into adorable neck warmers, leg warmers and what she calls "artist" gloves (the ones without the fingertips). Below are some of my favorite pieces. Check out her store and find yours!

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