Thrifty Thursday Challenge: America Ferrera

Welcome, welcome ladies + lovelies, to another Thrifty Thursday Challenge! Two weeks ago my dear friend Melissa submitted a bunch of photos of America Ferrera for me to replicate, and Mel, if you're reading this in Honduras: Good work.

I was almost stumped. Seriously, I visited no less than about six thrift stores trying to find a similar shirt, thus last week's extended deadline announcement. I did, however, learn an important lesson along the way. When you're trying to recreate looks you see in the style-o-sphere to save some bucks, you have to be creative, open-minded + persistent! Case in point...

Total cost of thrift-a-like: $5.50
Now, stay with me for a little bit and hear me out. I honestly think I got a bit cocky after our first Thrifty Thursday challenge where I ended up finding two pretty comparable outfits from Rashida Jones's wardrobe in the movie I Love You Man.

Looking back, I think one of the things that made it more simple was I was working with a lot of solid colors. These past two weeks, I was scouring the stores for a herringbone-esque semi-sheer shirt, of which not a lot of people have purged from their closets. So, you have to come up with a Plan B.

In this case, it's to look for a shirt with a similar cut that 1) you can wrap a skinny belt around and blouse out the top portion, and 2) that would still go with skinny, tapered-leg jeans and black pumps. For this kind of look you want to go with fabrics like silk or a silk-poly blend because they have some movement to them, so that when you do blouse it a bit above the belt it keeps your proportions in tact since you're wearing tight-fitting pants (See yesterday's post all about proportions for a refresher!).

The next step is to be flexible with the pattern because it's easier to find something in the same color palette, which is what I did. America's top has a tan-gray and white combination, so I found a shirt with a light pattern neutral tones. Mine does have a more pronounced black color in the dots and the belt, so I would pair this with black skinny jeans and keep the black pumps, or you could bring in another color from the top into the shoes (think beige, a light peach-pink color or gray).

And, lastly, if the shirt you're looking to replicate has a three-quarter-length sleeve, I think short sleeve is about the same. So be sure and leave that open as well. Heck, even if you found a cute, silk sleeveless top it would work (and you could add a cute cardigan!).

Thanks for stopping by this week's challenge. Be sure to tune in next Thursday (hopefully! ha!), to see if I was able to dig up the following look, which is just in time for the fall season!

Lovin' the layered look in this outfit. Maybe I'll walk away with a cardigan I can keep! :)

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  1. yeah!! take me with you when you look for this one. i'll steal it from you :)


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