Dirty Harry

Last week I accepted a challenge a bit outside of my realm of expertise, but I kinda liked it! Not only did I learn what life was like on the men's side of the thrifting world, but I came away with an almost dead ringer of the original outfit Clint Eastwood wore in Dirty Harry. Let's see what you think...

Total cost of thrift-a-like: $18.44
The only thing that would've made this outfit better was if I happened upon a matching suit coat and tie, but I can safely say that's like finding a needle in a haystack. Each item (minus my husband's white dress shirt) is vintage, however, and I'm debating about whether or not to expand the Parsimonia shop across genders. Could be an interesting addition; the only bummer is men's jackets like this are the most expensive clothing item in most thrift stores.

Now it's time for this week's Thrifty Thursday Challenge reveal! My girl Melissa is heading to Honduras in a little under two weeks, so as a send-off tribute I'm going to see if I can find a thrift-a-like to answer her throw-down (plus I think America Ferrera is so cute!).

These next three days are going to be quite an adventure in thrifting. Today Salvation Army is having their sale of 50% off everything in the store, so I'm venturing down to Redondo Beach to check out two of the stores there. Friday afternoon is a church rummage sale, and Saturday is already showing some promise when it comes to estate sales! Be sure and check back as I post my prime finds!

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