Thrifty Thursday Challenge: J. Crew Fall Look

The weather here is finally back to normal (we had a record high on Monday that was stifling!), so posting something that includes a sweater no longer seems to make me break out in a sweat.

For today's Thrifty Thursday Challenge reveal, I created my own version of a J. Crew outfit. Let's check it out!

Total cost of thrift-a-like: $12.50 (add $8 if you find jeans)
When I first started these challenges, I was so intent on finding an exact replica of the outfit, but now I'm letting loose! Outfits like these are great for being able to mix and match the pieces to fit your own personal style. This one still follows the same pattern: ruffled shirt, long sweater/cardigan, scarf and a skinny belt, but I went with a gray scheme instead of the warmer tones in the original outfit, and I especially like bringing a pattern into the cardigan. What do you think?

For the next Thrifty Thursday Challenge, I'll be stretching my thrift-a-like skills by trying to recreate an outfit from the movie An Education. This has been on my list of films to rent, so hopefully this will give me that extra push! Until then...!

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