Finding Your Style, Part One

Since last Wednesday I've received a couple emails expressing the same problem: Women who want to liven up their wardrobe but don't quite know what their style is. When they go shopping, they leave with nothing because they're too overwhelmed and can't decide what to buy.

So, I thought we could do another little series, this time on figuring out what your personal style is. Everyone has one, and if you are willing to put a little effort into unlocking the code, the results will set you free next time you hit the second-hand stores!

The first part is really fun; you get to do some window shopping in magazines, catalogs and online.
  • Take out any lifestyle or fashion magazines you have or subscribe to and go through them cover to cover and cut out images of things that you're drawn to: clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, belts, home decor, etc. 
  • If you've shopped at places like Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters and the like, most likely they've tracked down your address and send you catalogs every other week. Before you throw them in the recycling bin (yes...recycling, not trash!), take a minute to flip through them and cut out things that catch your eye.
  • Lastly, check out the myriad online stores. Make a folder on your desktop and drag images of things you like into the folder using the same guidelines as with magazines and catalogs.
As you do all three of these, make your picks based on color, cut, pattern, etc. Don't even involve your own body in the equation; just pick out things you like aesthetically.

When you've amassed a well-rounded number of images, go back through your magazine clippings and your desktop folder and make notes on why you picked the items that you did. What did you like about them? What caught your eye?

Hopefully this will help you find some common threads and give you a bit more insight into your personal style. I'd love to see what images you've come up with, so send your inspiration boards my way! I'm going to do one myself so I can show you next week...plus a love a little window shopping!

Next week we'll go over some self-revealing questions when it comes to what you wear now and why. So don't forget to tune in!

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