Beautiful Day for a Bead Show

Once upon a time, I was a bead-a-holic. In high school I started tinkering with jewelry making, and my mom, God bless the supportive woman she is, went crazy on eBay buying up bulk lots of beads to help give wings to her daughter's new hobby. And when I say went crazy, I'm talking LOTS of beads. They currently occupy four big plastic bins, plus a tackle box, and I've been hauling them all over the country (well, I guess just Missouri and California) for the past 8 years or so.

With the opening of my Etsy store this past July, I've been inspired to break out the beads again, jotting down illustrations of things I'd like to try designing and then sell on Etsy. And one of the best places to get beads in bulk is The Bead Show at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. It comes around several times a year, and there are tons of exhibitors selling beads from $2 per strand up into the big bucks if you're into precious stones.

I went this afternoon and picked up some beautiful natural stones and shiny shaped ones. We'll see what my brain can cook up with them! If I have any jewelry-making readers out there, I would love to see pictures of some of your creations! Send 'em over!

1 comment:

  1. Nice picture!! beautiful piece of jewelry. I like your picture to see some of your creation. I like your varieties of beaded jewelry.


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