Nay for Homemade Pistachio Gelato

Pistachios are absolutely gorgeous in color...
Last week's heat wave inspired me to create a cool treat for my husband upon his return from Missouri (although it seems silly to post it now that it's chilly and raining here), so I went with one of his favorite flavors, pistachio, and one of his favorite desserts (actually, more mine than his), gelato.

I found a five-star-rated recipe on the Saveur magazine website. The consistency was great, but I would only make this if you really, really, really LOVE the flavor of pistachio. And, as a somewhat weird warning, two days after I made it my husband exclaimed that it tasted like Thanksgiving turkey. Not sure yet whether that was good or bad, but it's enough for me to probably not make it again, thus my not posting the recipe. :)

But it did look pretty!

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