Finding Your Style, The Final Chapter

Well, we've made it. We created an inspiration board of looks that we like. We've talked about some common threads we can see in what we've pulled. And we've started dealing with insecurities or other obstacles that keep us from realizing out ideal style. I'd say that's pretty good work.

But there's one more chapter we should go over before I send you on your way, and that's looking at your lifestyle to see what's practical when it comes to rebuilding a wardrobe.

The first thing to do is take a look at what's in your closet, and consider how its contents have been influenced by your day-to-day life. Do you work somewhere that requires more dressy clothes? Then you might have a lot of blouses, blazers, skirts and dresses, but are light on cardigans or jeans. Do you work from home, or are a stay-at-home mom? Most likely you have the opposite problem: lots of T-shirts, jeans and more comfortable clothing, but not much when it comes to going out on the town.

Now, it's perfectly okay to have practical clothes like these. In fact it's necessary, right? So what do you do? How do you incorporate your newfound style into your day-to-day clothing needs? Well, you've got three options.

1) Keeping wearing your same work clothes and bring your new style into your personal time.

2) Find a way to spice up your work attire and keep your personal-time clothing as it is.

3) Give a little face lift to both aspects of your life!

The option you land on depends on where you feel it's important to express your style. Do you want to feel more confident at work but are perfectly content in comfy clothes at home? Then go with option 1. Is your dress code at work too restricting and you don't have many ways to spice it up? Then go with option 2, and let your style shine when you're off the clock. If you're really ambitious and have the flexibility to take it to the top in both aspects of your life, then go with option 3.

It's really up to you how far your want to push yourself. But no matter which option you're going with, your style transformation is more likely to take hold if you do it gradually. So go back to that inspiration board, and see which outfits fit the lifestyle you're looking to have. Then start by finding one outfit, either at a thrift store or a regular retail one.

Once you get used to it, start building on the items you just bought. If you got a blouse and some dress pants, get a different blouse to go with those pants, or maybe a skirt to go with that blouse. Doing it this way keeps you from tipping the over-consumption scale, and it helps keep you focused.

One important thing I would stress for everyone, however, is making sure you have your basics. These are items that will stand the test of time in your closet, classic pieces that will always be in style. If you're already on that track, great. But if you're feeling a bit clueless, tune in next Wednesday and we'll have a crash course.

Stay inspired!

{Images: 1. California Closets; 2. Forbes.com}

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