Mid-Century Monday: Scarves + Brooches

Sigh...I can't believe that next Sunday is the season finale of "Mad Men" already! And, even worse, that they didn't give us any sneak peeks as to what is going to happen. At least the styling of the show can be talked about year-round. Last night I was drawn to the different ways women wore scarves in the 1960s. Let's let the lovely Joanie demonstrate. :)

I think this is my favorite styling for scarves because it still leaves room for other accessories. In this photo Joan is wearing her pen necklace, but you could also add a brooch on the opposite shoulder, pin it to the cross-section, or swing the cross-section to the front and pin it with a brooch. All you need is a long skinny scarf in a bold print, preferably a thicker material since silk wouldn't keep its shape as well.

Above is an example of pinning a brooch in the front where to the two scarf ends meet (and even wearing a necklace with it!), but this time the scarf is wider and shorter.

And, lastly, tucking the scarf into your dress. It's kind of a kickback to the days of Jane Austen, but definitely more stylish. I love the mixing of prints while maintaining the same color scheme. And, of course, that extra touch of brooch on the shoulder since your neckline is covered.

Notice that at this time we still haven't hit the point where women are wearing lots of scarves in their hair (other than to cover it when they're driving), but that's always another option. Just take the scarf and fold it lengthwise until you have a band that fits your desired width. Wrap it around your hairdo and tie in the back, either in a bow or in a knot to leave those strands hanging down for some extra pop.

If your scarf collection is low or — gasp! — you don't have any, be sure and check out the Parismonia store on Etsy later this afternoon! I have some beautiful vintage scarves I'll be posting that are perfect for the fall season!

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