Mid-Century Monday: Wallpaper

When I think of mid-century design, of course I think of the amazing modern furniture that came out of it. However, I also think about the quirky and whimsical prints and patterns that arrived on the scene. One of my favorite ways this was expressed is in wallpaper, and I'm actually pretty surprised at how many rolls of vintage paper are still out there for purchase.

This first set comes from a site based in Europe that has quite a collection of prints available to adorn your walls. Some of the prices are a bit steep, but it's worth a look around. And if you're into reupholstering and sewing, they also sell vinyl and fabric.

This next set comes from 50s Pam on Flickriver. She says she has more than 200 rolls of vintage wallpaper that she's gradually scanning in. I don't think they're available to buy, but they're definitely eye candy for inspiration.

I know, wallpaper seems like a distant thing of the 1970s and 1990s, but here we are, nearing the end of 2010, and its popularity is most certainly on the rise. Designers are coming out with replicas of designs past, and with new and inspiring bold prints. I definitely have some online sources earmarked for whenever we buy our first home. Some of which turned up a couple weeks ago on Design Sponge's Top 50 Wallpaper Sources. Check it out and see if you're inspired!

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