The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Halloween is, and always has been, my favorite holiday. I have a bit of a twisted side, and love breaking out the black bats and scooping out pumpkin guts. This year, however, I feel the pressure. It's my first major holiday in a newlywed home, and suddenly I can do whatever I want to decorate!

Decisions, decisions.

So last week I had a craft day and put to work some ideas I preened from online.

The first project was cutting out tons of bats from stiffened black felt. I got the template from Country Living and even took it up a notch by getting the felt that is sparkly on one side. Afterward I hung them in some empty frames we have in the living room, and inside our lamps' shades.

With the leftover felt, I made a Zorro mask for my new favorite painting...

After that I pulled a bunch of antique photos from the Internet and printed them to fit in these frames I have hanging above our record player. They came out green instead of black and white because apparently our printer ink is low, but it gives them a spooky feel! :) Some of them even got googly eyes for a bit of creepy humor.

When I went by Michaels to get the felt and googly eyes, it turned out that a lot of their Halloween decor was 50% off, so I picked up four ravens and perched them atop our bookshelves for that "I feel like I'm being watched"...feel.

I also have plans to make a creepy potted tree to put on our buffet. I'm going to paint it white, put some cobwebs in it, and hang plastic witch pots on the branches filled with candy. I'll be sure to post the results when I get it done!

How about you? How are you spooking out your house this Halloween?

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