Style Spot: Free Mid-Century End Table

Earlier this week I was at the local Goodwill shopping for this morning's Thrifty Thursday challenge, when I get a call from my husband:

The Hubs: "Hey, there's an end table in the alley behind your old apartment. Looks mid-century."

Me: "Well, get it!"

The Hubs: "I don't know. What are we going to do with it? Will you actually use it as an end table?"

Me: "Of course! And if it doesn't work we'll just put it back in the alley."

The Hubs: "No...you'll put it back in the alley. Once it gets inside my job is done."

Me: "Okay. Deal."

Poor guy, an eternal martyr for letting me bring home strays from the curbs and alleys of Los Angeles...and then fixing them. :)

Once we picked the table up, however, I saw why he was hesitant to get it. The top had somehow come off into two pieces, and I'm sure he knew that meant another repair job was in his near future. It looked to be a pretty simple fix, and I guess is the person who had it just didn't want to bother trying.

So, we took a trip down to the hubs's shop, where he glued one part, hammered another, and *POOF* we had a perfectly functional end table in the exact style we've been looking for.

Favorite part? The star bursts.

Favorite person? The hubs. :)


  1. SO YOU TOOK THAT TABLE!!! i saw it that morning and almost picked it up, but i wasn't thinking very clearly at 6 a.m.
    glad you made use of it, though. it was very nice, and it'll look lovely in your place.

  2. That is very gracious of you. Sorry you have a foggy head. :)


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