Style Spots: Thrifting in Mar Vista

The hubs has been gone since Wednesday on a business trip, which has left me oodles of time to run amok on the thrift scene. I finally came across a couple mom-and-pop thrift stores in Mar Vista that have yet to jump on the let's-mark-everything-high-because-thrifting-is-trendy wagon, and came home with some great things for the store and (yes!) for me.

Shall we begin?

Vintage Skyway Suitcase

Remember my post a while back about the adorable vintage luggage that's waiting to be taken in at thrift stores? Well, yesterday I found another Skyway suitcase (checked bag size) to go with my multicolored Skyway carry-on, and I went gaga over the color. This shade of green is one of my favorites, and I can't wait to use it for all our holiday traveling!

3 Corelle Dinner Plates

I also found a set of 3 dinner plates made by Corelle in the same beautiful butterfly gold print you often see in Pyrex dishes. I remember we had a set of these plates when I was growing up, only it was the green crazy daisy print. These dishes are light but very sturdy, and I'm very excited to add them to my eclectic mix of dishes.

Nice Worn-In Purse

I found this purse in the same store as the plates, and was so excited because I've been looking for a worn-in brown "fall" purse. It's surprisingly roomy inside, and I've been happily toting it around for the past couple days.

Camera Bag

This was a God-send because I currently have this really large professional camera bag (given to me by a former co-worker, which I am grateful for!), but it's a bit bulky to bring along on little excursions. I also have my parents' old camera bag that came with their Pentax, but it's also fairly large. This one is about the size of a small purse, so it'll be great to use as a purse/camera bag combo.

Adorable Gingerbread House Bake Set

Comes with cookie cutters to make the elements of your house!

Last Christmas my then-fiancee and I made some "gingerbread" houses (with graham crackers, thus the quotes) as a tribute to my amazing grandma, who would sit down with us each year and patiently help us make our own while we trashed her kitchen with candy and frosting. This year, however, we're gonna do the real thing. (Sorry, baby) with this kit. It comes with cookie cutters in various shapes to make the walls and the roof and even a mailbox and trees! All you do is make and bake your own gingerbread dough.

Target Mirror W/ Shelf

Something not many people know is that Target donates a lot of its merchandise that doesn't get sold to various nonprofit thrift stores, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. It's a great way to get new clothes at second-hand prices, and also home decor. I found this mirror with a shelf that will go perfect in our bedroom on my jewelry wall (yeah...sad, I know).

Mid-Century Serving Tray

This one is going into the Parsimonia store, so be on the lookout! It's a great mid-century serving tray made of filigree metal with a ceramic square in the middle. I think it would also serve you well as a mail dumping ground if you have a table right inside your door.

Amazing Mid-Century Birds Wall Hanging

These are absolutely another God-send. Earlier this season in "Mad Men," I saw this flying bird wall hanging above Joanie's bed and fell in love. It was a fairly popular piece back in the early 60s, and this one is a replica made from plastic and painted gold. I could not believe my luck when I saw the two pieces sitting haphazardly on the shelf, and could've called it a day right then and there and gone home happy. But I figured why not make the most of the trip? :)

Assortment of Gold Frames for Wedding Photos!

Lastly are these photo frames, which I was looking for to place our freshly printed wedding photos in. Since our photographer shot and edited them in a "vintage" style, I wanted to find some vintage gold frames that we could hang up as a collage somewhere. And each one was only 99 cents! Score!

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  1. OMG! That's my mom's Corelle pattern! She got that set over 30 years ago. She recently started buying a new pattern to start replacing the ones that have broken over the years. If she decides to replace the whole set, I'll let you know.


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