Eco-Friendly Rain Gear

It's been rainy and overcast here in Santa Monica for the past couple days, and the rest of the week looks no different. One perk, however, is it's got me checking out the latest rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas available in the global market, and I've come across some super stylish "green" options.

Via the Fashion-Conscience.com website I found this amazing rain trench by Jackpot that's navy with white polka dots. Jackpot works with MADE-BY, an umbrella organization of socially and ethically committed fashion labels, and uses organically grown cotton in a lot of their production. They have also initiated a certification process to ensure good working conditions for their production workers.

Also on Fashion-Conscience I found these really cute ankle wellies by Vivienne Westwood. They come in three colors: black glitter, black and navy, and all are made in Brazil in a socially and environmentally responsible factory. The boots themselves are part-recycled from old shoes made from recyclable vegan plastic.

If you prefer your rain boots right below your knee, you can head over to Endless.com, which sells rain boots by Kamik. This company has a complete line of outdoor footwear built to deliver superior comfort and reliable protection in the most extreme conditions...and it's all recyclable. So if your boots get to the point where they're not usable (which will be a long time), you can send them back to Kamik and they'll recycle them for you. They come in too many colors and patterns to list all of them here, so here are a few of my favorite:


As for umbrellas, I found two really interesting options out there that are very eco-friendly. The first one is the BRELLI, which is the world's first biodegradable umbrella. It's made from bamboo and features a biodegradable PVC clear canopy, and they claim it withstands heavy downpours and high winds because of its unique wind-vent system. It comes in five sizes (a mini 28-inch canopy, petite 35-inch, small 37-inch, medium 45-inch, and a large 52-inch diameter version), and you can even buy a set of BRELLI markers to create your own design.

The second is the Eco 'Brella by Totes. It fits easily into a purse, comes in multiple colors, and looks and behaves just like your average umbrella, except it’s made from 70 percent recycled materials, including a canopy that's made 100 percent from plastic bottles.

Who says sustainable isn't stylish?

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