Sustainable Style: Reusable Bags

It seems that I always use my reusable bags more in the fall and winter, maybe because I haul around a scarf and a sweater in case the weather turns, or I make more trips to the farmers' market. They're great for that, plus groceries, regular shopping, and if you're making your way to the apple orchards to get goodies for delicious pie, they're perfect for that, too! And with Christmas on its way, they can be a great way to "wrap" a present.

Designs have come a long way since I first bought mine. I tracked down some fabulous prints and quirky illustrations that I would love to add to my regular rotation.

First up are these adorable organic cotton totes from designer John Derian (who, by the way, has a new collection at Target that is amazing). I love the simple illustrations and, of course, the dogs!

Next are some colorful bags I found on the Save On Crafts. If you've recently planned a wedding, like I have, you're more than likely familiar with this site since it has almost anything you can think of when it comes to event planning. So it's great that they're bringing in a bit of "green" to their goods.

Endemicworld.com has a collection of 100% organic cotton totes that are designed and printed in New Zealand. They have cross-stitched handles for extra strength and bold screen prints. Plus, right now, if you buy more than two, they're only $10 each.

And, lastly, love this camera tote from Czee Designs...

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  1. I love my Chico bags. I used to struggle with keeping reusable bags in my car for shopping. But the Chicos fit into tiny stuff sacks, so now I keep 3 in my purse at all times.

    I use them for toting my lunch containers to and from work. And as you said, carrying extra layers during cold weather.

    Mine are all oldish, solid colors. But these days they come in sassy prints too.


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