Thrifty Thursday Challenge: Bookstore II From Anthropologie

Two weeks ago I announced the next Thrifty Thursday challenge, setting the bar high by choosing a look from the constantly creative Anthropologie. It was the "bookstore ii" look, which is heavy on layering but still gives off that casual "I'm not really trying" feel. Let's see what happened!

the original look

Total cost of thrift-a-like: $15.43

Okay. Time to analyze.

The big difference is the outer white sweater. In the original it has long sleeves, here it's sleeveless, and I think that's okay. Since the black-and-white cardigan I found wasn't as bold of a print, I think it helps to have the sleeves visible. My sweater is a little heavier than Anthro's, but again, we've got to be creative with what's available!

I didn't find a chartreuse scoop-neck shirt, I did find one that was a V-neck, and given how low the neckline is of the cardigan, again, I think it works.

The cardigan, like I said, isn't as bold, which would be preferable, but it's at least the same color palette (minus the scarf).

What do YOU think? Passable? Or epic fail?

For the next Thrifty Thursday challenge, I'll be recreating this look from the latest issue of Real Simple, because I really love stripes right now.

Have an outfit you'd like to see recreated from thrifting? I'm up for the challenge! Just send me the photo, where it comes from and your name!

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