Thrifty Thursday Challenge: 'An Education'

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday! Things have been a bit slow lately in this segment, due to various reasons, but I'm very excited to bring you the results of the last challenge, which was an outfit from the movie An Education. I wasn't able to match the earrings (sorry Kate, but I will keep an eye out!), but I am pretty happy about finding a dress in the same shade.

Total cost of thrift-a-like: $13.48

My husband and I watched the movie last week and I was fawning over most of Carey Mulligan's "grown up" clothes, especially that floral dress with the white trench coat. If you saw it, did you notice the vintage Samsonite luggage she used? I'm tellin' ya...it's making it's way back!

I've decided, mostly for my sanity, to do this challenges every other week instead of weekly, so make sure and come back in two weeks to see if I was able to find a suitable thrift-a-like for the following outfit, the "bookstore ii" look from Anthropologie.

Until then!

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  1. Massively behind, clearly, but just found this - how good is your version?! Love the blog, will now follow!

    southmoltonststyle.blogspot.com x


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