Vintage Fashion Expo @ the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

This past Saturday was a busy, busy day! Earlier this morning I showed you the amazing fall feast my friend Emily hosted. But before that fun ensued, I went with my friend Anna to the Vintage Fashion Expo at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

It comes around a couple times a year, but I've never been. When you walk in, you're immediately surrounded by booth after booth of vintage goodies. It's like all the best vintage stores in California have come together to create this dream mega-store, and it took us hours to get through it.

I figured it would be a bit pricey, and for the most part it was. There were some booths that had sale racks ($10-$20), but no fitting rooms, so I stuck to looking for jewelry. We came upon one booth that had a trunk of shoes for $5 a pair, and Anna walked away with these amazing gold slippers that I think only she could pull off...

Some booths had tables of random bits and pieces, jewelry and other odds and ends for jewelry makers, that you could go through and buy by the pound. It was tempting, but I knew if I did that, I might never leave.

At the end of our time there, I did go home with a necklace and bracelet set that I just fell in love with. The seller gave me a discount for buying both pieces, and took down my name and address to mail me the matching earrings if she finds them. Fingers crossed she does!

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