Finding Your Style, Part Two

In last Wednesday's post, we talked about how to start figuring out what your style is. I had you scour your magazines and favorite online stores and pull anything that caught your eye. I went ahead and did one myself, and now it's time to take at look at what we found!

The first time I ever walked into an Anthropologie store, it was love at first sight. Their aesthetic and style is the perfect storm of things I love when it comes to clothing and accessories, so most of the photos you'll see below come from there. I'm also drawn to the styling at H&M, and sometimes Old Navy and J. Crew, so there'll be some thrown in there for good measure. :)

Overall Look
As the seasons change, so do my taste in clothes. But there are some common threads that are there year-round: I love bold colors, I love prints, I love chunky jewelry, and I love to mix and match all of these as much as I can, whether it be dressing in shades of one color, complementary colors or mixing prints. I also love texture...I like for clothing to have movement and a dimension of its own when it's sitting on a hanger. All of these things can be seen in the images I've posted below.

What about you? What common threads do you see in the photos you pulled? Do you like a more clean look, with simple lines and no frills? Maybe neutrals are your palette of choice? Do you like outfits with lots of layering?

Really take a look at your images and write down what you observe about them. Write down anything and everything that pops into your head.


As you can see from the pictures below, I am definitely drawn to dresses that have a bit if a vintage vibe to them, ones that have a higher waist and fall just below the knee. I also prefer them to be sleeveless or short-sleeve since it allows you to wear them year-round by leaving them as-is or putting a cardigan over it. In general, I'm not a fan of long-sleeve dresses or really short dresses.

Are you a dress person? Some women aren't a fan, and that s perfectly okay. If you do like them, what length do you prefer? What about sleeves? Do you like to be able to wear a belt with them? Do you like the skirt to be more A-line or have some movement to it?

You can ask similar questions about skirts (minus the sleeve preferences), since dresses are pretty much the same thing with a top attached to it.


Ah...jewelry. This is perhaps my favorite thing about styling. I like it big, bold, colorful and chunky; but sometimes I also like it to be simple. I love wooden beads, and jewelry that brings a lot of different elements into it. I'll wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and rings all at once, or just one or two pieces.

Your turn! Do you like to wear jewelry, or does it intimidate you? Are you a wear-it-all kind of gal or do you prefer to adorn just one area? Do you prefer gold or silver? Chunky or simple? Colorful or muted? Heavy or light? Long necklaces or short? Dangling earrings or posts? Cuff bracelets or clasp?


For me my top preferences are similar to that of what I said in the dress section: I prefer sleeveless or short-sleeve because I feel it allows you to wear them more. But I do sometimes pick up a long-sleeve shirt. However, it usually has to stand on its own as far as having a bold pattern or embellishments.

What kind of top occupies most of your closet? T-shirts and tanks? Lots of long sleeves? Now...what do you want to see in there? Even if you're a T-shirt-and-jeans kind of gal, there are ways to bring it up a notch with patterns and texture. Do you like ruffles and embellishments? V-neck or scoop neck? Collar or no?

Sweaters & Cardigans

Next to jewelry, these are my second-favorite items. I love them with bold prints or solids, thin or thick and comfy, belted or buttoned, long or short. Just give 'em to me. :)

Y tu? When it gets chilly outside, do you prefer the comfort of a sweater, or do you go for a jacket or coat? Do you prefer them to be thin and open? Do you like them to have buttons or belts? Sleeveless, long sleeve, short sleeve?

Other Accessories: Purse, Scarves & Shoes

I like my purses to be roomy, because I'm a stereotypical woman and carry way too many things in my purse. I also like them to have straps that are long enough to go on my shoulder. I can't really do clutches or ones that you just carry in your hand.

I absolutely love scarves, both the kind you put around your neck and the ones you wear in your hair. I like the ones on my neck to be a bit chunky and slouchy, and the ones in my hair to have a pattern, not just a solid color.

Can you walk anywhere in heels? Or do you prefer flats and flip flops? Do you like bold, unique shoes or simple and straightforward? Do you like your boots high or short, heeled or flat?

You'll notice that I don't have anything about pants or shorts, and this is for a couple reasons: 1) I really don't wear anything but jeans when it comes to separates that aren't a skirt. 2) There aren't as many variations of pants and shorts as there are these other things, and I feel they're something that most people have a grasp one (I mean, given the number of cuts of jeans we've been bombarded with, I'm sure you were forced to learn which ones fit your figure). Perhaps I'm wrong, but this post is already really long. :) If you would really like for me to address them, let me know and I'll throw it in for good measure next week.

I hope you were able to take some notes on what kinds of clothes you like, and that you found some photos for inspiration. If not, I suggest you do, because they'll come in handy next week! 

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