Finding Your Style, Part Three

Okay, ladies and gents. We've reached Part 3 in our "finding your personal style" series. In Part 1, I had you go through magazines, catalogs and online photos to pick out things that caught your eye. Last week, in Part 2, we looked through everything and made notes on why we liked each item (color, cut, texture, etc.), making sure to notice common threads or repetitive elements.

This week, we're going to take our inspiration board analysis to a deeper level. We're going to see if we can find any roadblocks in actualizing our style.

Confidence Is Key
Something I hear a lot from people when it comes to wearing things is, "Oh, I love that! But I could never pull it off." Well, I've got a newsflash for you: Yes you can. You can wear anything you want.

"But what about cut and color?" Well, lucky for us, those things are adjustable! If you love a top but it's too low-cut, find a similar one that's not. If that dress is divine but yellow looks terrible on you, I'm guessing there's something close (or even the same thing) that comes in a shade that suits you.

Come on, I dare you: Keep those excuses coming. I bet I can come up with a solution every time. But, if you want to get real, let's talk about what's really holding you back: confidence. This, my dear friends, is the key. And it's available in every size, shape and color to whoever wants it.

Back in August when I first started this segment, we talked about the elements of style and taking risks. I included an amazing article from Psychology Today, and if you haven't read it, I think before we move on, you should. Click here to go back to that post. Take your time. I'll just wait here and sip my tea. :)

Finished? Excellent.

Now how do you feel? Inspired? Excited? Confident?

I'm telling you...taking risks is freeing, and it's fun! And when you finally wear that top you thought you couldn't — and realize no one pointed and laughed, no one threw paint on you (unless maybe it was fur, in which case I shake my finger at you), and no one gave you a swirlie for being a nerd — you'll see it's not so impossible!

Now, I want you to get your inspiration board out from last week and go through the things that caught your eye. Are there any items on there you feel you "couldn't pull off?" If so, why? What about them makes you love it and fear it at the same time?

Next, let's take some of the truth we learned from that article and speak it into those fears. Fashion is in the clothes, but style is in the wearer. Style is an expression of individuality, of creativity, of all the things that make you who you are! If this article of clothing catches your eye, then freaking wear it!

Sorry...getting a little carried away.

I just can't stress these points enough to you all. It break my heart to see people bound by their fears, especially since I know firsthand what that side of the fence is like. But I also know that, in this case, the grass really is greener on the other side. Heck, sometimes it's even purple, plaid or has ruffles. :)

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