Apple? Pear? Hourglass? What's Your Body Shape?

Hello lovelies! Here we are again in the middle of the week! And you know what that means...time for another installment of What's in Your Closet?! We've covered a lot of good stuff in the past month, and I hope you've been able to hone in on your style personality, and maybe take some steps to acquire clothing that shows the real you!

I read a great article yesterday that talked about how iconic women like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe made fashion statements like they did, and the answer was simple: They worked with what they had! Marilyn accentuated those curves; and Audrey played into her petite figure. It wasn't about what was "in" at the time; it was about what was right for them.

And a lot of what is in your closet is determined by what's not: You! But are they the right things? I see a lot of women walking around in styles and cuts that might be the hot item at the time, but they don't look too hot in it. I know, sounds a bit judgmental, but I used to do the same thing, so I feel like I can just be honest.

When I was in middle school, and some in high school, my mom and I would always get in arguments when we were shopping for clothes because I wanted what was popular, but a lot of the time it didn't fit my figure. And mom, God bless her, would try to get that across to me as delicately as she could, but she unfortunately has a very headstrong daughter (right mom?). So sometimes she would prevail, other times I would.

Eventually, though, I came to my senses, and by the end of high school, and especially my first year of college, I was really in tune with the curves I was given, and learned how to use that to my advantage when shopping for clothes. AND, since I shopped at thrift stores (shameless plug), it made the trial and error process MUCH less expensive. I'm just sayin'.... :)

Now that you have my life story, let's take a look at the five main body types of women:
  1. Rectangle
  2. Pear
  3. Hourglass
  4. Apple
  5. Inverted triangle

Here's how to determine what you've been blessed with:


  • Your bust & shoulders are about the same width as your hipline.
  • You have little definition of your waist.
  • This is sometimes referred to as a "boyish" figure.

  • You have a well-defined waist.
  • Your bust & shoulders are narrower than your hip line.
  • Your thighs (and sometimes butt) are usually full and rounded.

  • Your bust and shoulders are the same width as your hips.
  • You have a defined waist.
  • When you gain weight, it's evenly distributed throughout your body.

  • Your waistline is undefined.
  • Your hips and butt are usually (but not always) as wide as your waistline.
  • The "roundness" of your silhouette is usually due to being overweight or you've recently had a child.

Inverted triangles
  • Your bust and shoulders are wider than your hips.
  • Your hips are narrow.
  • Usually, but not always, this body shape has slim legs and a flat butt.

Now, having said all of this, you have to remember that these are mostly guidelines. There are a lot of women out there who might fall in between a couple categories due to being petite, plus-size, short, tall, thin- or thick-boned, etc. The important thing is to figure out the more general characteristics (i.e., your shoulders and bust are definitely wider than the hips) and then shop accordingly. 

How, you ask? Well you'll just have to come back next week! We'll go over how to dress your figure so that the real you can shine on through!

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