Hipsta-Love: Date to Izzy's Deli

This past Friday the hubs and I decided to hop on the scooter and find a place to watch the Lakers game. The weather in Santa Monica at that time of night was absolutely gorgeous, and it was one of those rides wear I hugged my husband, closed my eyes and just enjoyed life.

The scoot-scoot.

The hubs while driving...

Me while riding. Pardon the terrified look...at that point I had nothing to keep me from falling off the back.
We ended up at Izzy's Deli on Wilshire, which reminded me how much I love diner-type restaurants. They bring back memories off all-nighters in college and late-night date nights when the hubs and I were dating. Plus they make for really great B&W photos...

Hopefully this inspires you to stop and savor the small moments. I don't do it enough.

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