How to Dress Your Body Type

In last week's post we went through the 5 main body types that women have and figured out which one we were. This week, we're going to go over how to dress what you're blessed with, and I'm pulling these tips from The Chic Fashionista, whose site is overflowing with great content on style. She emphasizes embracing what you have and being confident within that, which is why I am happy to bring her wisdom over here.

She starts out with a great article on how to wear clothes, highlighting four "vital factors" that help you flatter your body type, no matter which one it is:
  1. Proportions (Remember when we talked about this here?)
  2. Vertical body line
  3. Fit
  4. Confidence (We've talked about this from the beginning.)
Click on the links above to give yourself a crash course in these factors, then come back here and we'll go over specifics for each body type.


The most important thing to remember about your figure is to accentuate your waist. This emphasizes your curves and proportions. With that in mind, these are clothing items you'll want to veer toward:
  • Belts: skinny or wide, wearing the right belt with the right outfit helps bring out that waist. If you're wearing a loose-fitting top, go with wide. Wearing a pencil skirt? Tuck in that shirt and wrap a skinny belt around your waist.
  • Wrap tops and dresses
  • Tops, dresses, sweaters, shirts and coats that have a belt
  • Pencil, A-line, circled and tiered skirts
  • Flare, wide leg and bootcut jeans
Click here to read more of what The Chic Fashionista has to say.


Most women with this shape are looking to widen their upper body a bit to help achieve a more balanced proportion. This means wearing...
  • Boat neck shirts
  • Cropped jackets and cardigans (this means ones that hit above or at the waistline)
  • Light-colored and/or detailed tops
  • Any kind of jeans
  • A-line skirts
Click here to read more details.

Inverted Triangle

You ladies are going to want to add some width to your hips to create the right proportions. This means you'll want to wear...
  • Any kind of pants or jeans (since most ITs have nice lean legs)
  • Full skirts and skirts that flare at the bottom
  • Long shirts and sweaters
  • Belted coats
  • Eye-catching shoes (to draw attention to those aforementioned legs)
  • Low V-neck shirts
  • Dresses that flare out from your waist
  • Tanks/dresses that have large straps
Click here to read more!


You ladies often have a straight figure, so you'll want to create a waistline and add volume to your lower half. Here's how...
  • Low U- and V-neck shirts
  • Any kind of pants
  • Tops and dresses that cinch at the waistline or right below the bust
  • Full skirts
  • Shoulder pads (Hey, the '90s are making a reappearance...)
  • Tops with details around the bust (i.e. ruffles, embellishments, ruching)
  • Jackets and coats that flare out from the waist
Click here to read more!


Your goal to to try and slim both your upper body and your waist. That makes these cuts of clothing ideal...
  • Fitted tops, sweaters and dresses
  • Solid, dark colors
  • Low V-necks
  • Tops that cinch at the smallest part of your waist
  • Single-breasted coats and jackets (This means ones that have a single row of buttons and not a lot of overlap between the two sides when buttoned)
  • Full skirts
Click here to read more!

That wasn't so bad, was it? Now go take a look at your closet to see if you have the right stuff. And if you come across cuts that don't flatter, might I suggest a donation to your local thrift store? There's no reason to keep around things that just don't work. Be proud of what you have and show it off accordingly! :)

{Image courtesy of All You}

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