Pyrex Patterns: Spring Blossom Green or Crazy Daisy?

Anyone who has ventured into the world of vintage resale is familiar with the popularity of Pyrex and Corelle kitchenware. People are scooping up the old patterns left and right, building their own sets, so I always keep my eyes peeled for pieces at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. But there are SO many patterns, and some that are really similar to each other, that I can hardly keep them straight.

This, of course, gave light to an idea for a new Monday series: Name That Pattern! I am the first to confess that since the close of this season's "Mad Men," I've been struggling to come up with new and interesting mid-century posts, however I will of course keep them going whenever something of interest comes up!

Today we're going to go over the argument of Spring Blossom Green and Crazy Daisy, a Pyrex and Corelle pattern, respectively, that may both be Spring Blossom Green. A lot of people use these names interchangeably, but some claim that they're two different patterns.

I came across a website called The Pyrex Files that was discussing this very dilemma, and overall the writer feels that they are both the Spring Blossom pattern, it was just tweaked a bit when Pyrex made the Corelle version. A lot of this is based on the fact that she has yet to see an original box with the pattern name of "Crazy Daisy," but she does go ahead and list the differences:

1. The green in old the Spring Blossom Green pattern is more...green, while the newer pattern (which is apparently called Crazy Daisy) has more of an olive tone to it.

2.  The size of the flowers and leaves in the Spring Blossom Green pattern is smaller than those in the Crazy Daisy pattern.

The old pattern (Spring Blossom Green)

The new pattern (Crazy Daisy, or a redesigned Spring Blossom Green)

3. The leaves are different. In Spring Blossom Green, they're a three-leaf cluster; in Crazy Daisy, the leaves are fan-shaped.

Old pattern (Spring Blossom Green)

New pattern (Crazy Daisy or redesigned Spring Blossom Green)

4. When it comes to the casserole dishes, the Spring Blossom Green pattern is always white and outlined leaves on a green background (with different shades of green), and they came with clear glass lids (see photo above). In Crazy Daisy, some are white and outlined flowers on green, and some are green and outlined flowers and outlined leaves on white. These dishes came with clear glass lids (see photo above) or a lid boasting the same pattern as the dish (see photo below).

What do you think? The same pattern, redesigned, or two different patterns? I vote redesign, but I'm open, especially if you have that ever-illusive box that says "Crazy Daisy." :)

{Images courtesy of The Pyrex Files}


  1. As a personal opinion, I prefer the older set of pyrex as opposed to the newer set. Both are beautiful shades of olive, however the bottom set, middle bowl stands out contrastingly, making it not seem to fit in the set. The print of the crazy daisies on the second set is cute and larger, giving it more of a southern feel. Call me old fashioned, I still pick the first!

  2. I hear ya! Why change a good thing? :)

  3. I inherited a full 'Crazy Daisy' plate set from my Grandma, I ate of these plates for my entire life and now my kids are using them! I'm now looking for the coffee cups, casserole dishes, and bowls! I love this style, I can't get enough, it brings back childhood memories.

    1. That's so fun! My mom had that set when I was growing up, too. It seems to have been popular, because I see the things you're looking for around thrifts all the time. I'm sure you'll be able to collect them in no time! :)


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