Sustainable Style: Aprons

One of the most vivid memories I have of Thanksgiving growing up is...aprons. Not turkey, gravy, stuffing or passing out in a food coma on the couch, but aprons. You see, both sides of my family love to cook, so holiday meals were always quite the production. Great aunts running to and fro in the kitchen, my grandmas by their sides, my mom somewhere in the mix, and me munching on food before it was ready. And almost everyone wore an apron of some sort, even if it was just tucking a dish towel into your waistband.

Reliving these memories made me curious: What kind of eco-friendly aprons are out there on the market? A lot, actually, but I've pared it down to one representative of three categories: aprons repurposed from old fabric; aprons made from organic cotton; and good ol' vintage aprons (because resale is a great way to keep the waste down!).

Callie Micks Apron Collection

{Made from recycled fabric}

City Chic Country Mouse Aprons
{Made from 100% organic fabric}

Vintage Fancy Aprons
{aprons that are actually old!}

These are just a small sampling, but enough to know that there are beautiful (and sustainable) options for aprons that don't cost you in style!

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