Sustainable Style: Coffee Sleeves by Aimee Bee

Afternoon my friends! Apologies for the late post today. We just arrived back in sunny California after a great week in St. Louis visiting family and friends, and we had so much fun last night I neglected my blogging duties, yet again. (It's been a patchy week, but thanks for sticking with me!).

Today I'm super excited to share with you a lovely lady I know from my college days, and whose blog I've been following for a couple months now. Her name is Aimee, and she's constantly creating cute crafts (yeah alliteration...) and sharing them with her readers. She's even started a special Crafting for Christmas section with loads of homemade ideas for friends and family.

Her latest project is a coffee sleeve made from repurposed coffee bean bags, and it's got that I-make-style-look-effortless kind of vibe to it. Super simple, but a great way to give a second wind and pay tribute to something that keeps coffee — so near and dear to many — safe and sound.

Click here to check out her step-by-step tutorial, and nose around while you're there. I'm sure you'll find many more projects to add to your own list!

{Image courtesy of Aimee Bee}

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