Sustainable Style: Eyaas

I love Tuesdays on this blog. It's so inspiring to see how many organizations have been formed to help others, and last week I was contacted by one called Eyaas, which has a very simple philosophy: "Buy for a cause. Wear handmade. Go Green."

Eyaas sells handmade products made by artisans across Asia and Africa, focusing on crafts that are endangered or provide the means for living for underprivileged communities. They work with the artisans through profit-sharing, where they buy stock upfront and give back a share of the profits earned on the products sold. They also work with nonprofits who are trying to get these artisans' products into the international market but lack the technological means to do so.

Right now there are plenty of items on their site that would come in handy as Christmas gifts or to bundle up as the cooler weather continues to creep into our lives. Here are some of my favorites...

Pure Tussar silk wrap made in Bihar, India

Flower lights made from stockings in Thailand

Large ceramic plate made in India (comes in 6 different patterns)

Water Hyacinth Purse made in Manipur, India (comes in 4 different colors)

Daphne and Delilah made by Cambodia Knits (They have a TON of adorable knits animals, too.)

Brass multiline necklace made in India

Silver bead earrings made in India

Hand-knit wool scarf made in India

Rudolph Christmas ornament by Cambodia Knits (They also have Santa, a snowman, a tree and an elf!)

Great stuff, huh? Be sure and check out more of their products here as you start shopping for Christmas! 

{All images courtesy of Eyaas}

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