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December 16: Grobal Self-Watering Planter {$15-$25 @ A+R}

Because some people have a green thumb and get to enjoy the splendor of indoor plants, and others don't. With these, it's two thumbs up! And look at all the luscious shades it comes in. Surely one will fit in with your friend or family member's decor.

Product Description
A reservoir provides water and nutrients to the growing medium in the top chamber. A sliver of a window down the side of the pot reveals the water level, which is simply and neatly replenished via the small "nutrapost," which flips open and closed with the soft touch of a finger tip. Essentially, the Grobal is a mini hydroponic planter, self-contained and ready to grow an array of plants. Start easy with mint, chives, lavender, cacti or bamboo. Then progress to orchids and violets. Perfect for serious or lazy or vacation-bound gardeners.

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