25 Days, 25 Items, $25 {Or Less!}

December 17: Mix-and-Match Coffee Essentials

Bodum Green Coffee Press, 32 oz., $19.95 via Crate and Barrel

Joe Meadow Green Mug via Crate and Barrel, $2.95 each

Dean's Beans coffee, $7.55 for a 1-pound bag

Because I'm sure you have several friends and family members who don't function until their morning cup of joe. And these items are great because you can mix and match them: one press and two mugs ($26, but it's close!); one press and one bag of coffee ($28, but again, it's close!); one bag of coffee and anywhere from two to five mugs; or two bags of coffee and anywhere from two to three mugs!

I chose Dean's Beans in particular because, according to The Nibble, this company is the most committed to making their coffee ethically and eco-friendly. Not only are they fair trade and certified organic, they're working to become a 100% carbon-neural operation. Click here to read more about their review.

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