25 Days, 25 Items, $25 {Or Less!}

December 24: Printable Gift Coupons From E.M. Papers

A Night of Babysitting

A Car Wash

A Night of Cocktails

Coffee & a Book

Dog Walking

Home-Cooked Meal

A Night at the Movies

Because it's Christmas Eve, and the stores are either closed or closing early, leaving you with slim options. And these printable gift coupons ($2.50 each) are just the thing to solve your quandary! Give your sister (who's also a new mom) a night out with her husband while you babysit. Or tell your parents you'll walk the dog for a week. Or, if you're handy with a design program, make your own and customize it to what you know the giftee would truly appreciate. They'll love your thoughtfulness!

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