My Pinterest Gift Guide on sfgirlbybay!

I just got home from running some errands and, as I always do when I've been separated from my computer for more than 30 minutes (sad, but true), I checked my Google Reader to see what my favorite blogs were up to while I was gone.

I scrolled through posts from sfgirlbybay today...and then I had a mini heart attack. There it was, in all its golden goodness, my Oh, Honey, Honey Pinterest gift guide! I am so honored to have anything I've curated on her site since I have loads and loads of respect for her style and aesthetic.

*End gushing scene*

Thank you for indulging my inner nerd.

Be sure and hop over to the sfgirlbybay site and check out the other fabulous Pinterest gift guides featured there! Such a great idea she came up with! :)

{Image via sfgirlbybay}

1 comment:

  1. it was so much fun to feature your most amazing idea! thanks again for contributing it to pinterest! love it!


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