My Super Thrifty DIY Christmas Tree

This year, our Christmas decorations have to be pretty simple. Not only are we in the throes of selling our possessions and boxing the rest up as we prepare to move next month, we'll also be out of town for two weeks, meaning a live tree is absolutely out of the question. So what does a girl who doesn't want to spend money but has the joy of Christmas in her heart do? Make a tree!

I had seen something a while back where someone had nailed together various lengths of 2x4s that I couldn't get out of my head, so one morning I grabbed my iPod and started walking the alleys of Santa Monica to look for some. I hit the jackpot 15 minutes later when I came across a pile of them, totaling about 28 feet in length.

Like any self-respecting DIYer, I ran home and recruited the hubs to help me load them into his work van and take them to our storage unit, where all the glorious power tools are, including the circular saw, which is what I used to cut all the pieces.

Once there, I started pulling out the nails that were half-hammered into the sides. Then, after cutting away the bad ends, I started measuring and marking the pieces. I needed some to make an X base, one longer one for the trunk, and the rest would be the branches. Once they were marked, I got to work cutting them (and making a mess of sawdust in the alley).

Next came painting the branches white (we have some leftover from a previous project). I debated whether or not to leave them as they were and have a kind of rustic/industrial tree, but eventually my inner-mod came through. Once they were painted, I left them to dry overnight.

Two days later...

The hubs and I finally had time to put it together. We started by screwing together the base, then we screwed the branches onto the trunk.

Next we cut two angled pieces to brace the tree onto the base, screwed them on, and the tree was built! The only thing left was to grind down the ends of the screws that came through on the back, which I happily did because I love all the sparks it makes! :)

And here she is! All for (literally) nothing!

What thrifty DIY projects have you been conjuring up this holiday season? 

{All images by Parsimonia}

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