Our Thanksgiving Journey

One week ago yesterday, the hubs and I woke up at 4:30 a.m., piled our groggy selves into my car (which was loaded with boxes and one small puppy) and made our way across the country to St. Louis. We've both made this drive before, and once you get out of Los Angeles (which seems to take forever!), the scenery gets quite beautiful, especially around Flagstaff, Ariz. I tried to snap photos along the way, and seemed to have stopped once we got out of Oklahoma, but they're still worth sharing I think.

Desert area in California, right outside the city

Sadie tucked in her bed

Then she opted for her second-favorite place, the back window

Near Flagstaff

Near Flagstaff

Near Flagstaff

Somewhere in New Mexieco

Still somewhere in New Mexico

About an hour before Albuquerque

At which point Sadie decided to sit on top of one of the bags

Approaching Amarillo at night

Bristow, Okla.

Past Oklahoma City the next day, when the weather started getting sketchy.

Still in Oklahoma

We made it to St. Louis on Wednesday night, and the next day met up with our friends the Bleyers for the Webster-Kirkwood Turkey Day football game. Webster was competing for the state title the next day, so both of the JV teams played. The weather was awful (rainy and freezing), so we left at halftime. Not too long after we got back, it started snowing, something I haven't witnessed in forever, and we were all very excited.

This excitement eventually turned into a mini-session of sledding in a big plastic tub, to the delight of their son and (who are we kidding?!) the adults, too.

After that we headed to my parents' house, where delicious food was abundant. My grandma has even come to terms more with my vegetarianism and made me vegetarian gravy! Mom made sure to use veg stock in the mashed potatoes and made a veg stuffing, so I had plenty to eat.

A lot of people asked why we drove back instead of flying, and I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag: We're moving to St. Louis! It's been a long-thought-about decision, and one that was difficult to make given what a great community we live in out here, but we both feel our time in California has come to end. The hubs has already started a branch of his audio visual company there (Tower Sound & Vision), and now I'm checking out the publishing scene for a job. So if anyone in St. Louis knows of one, let me know!

We've been hatching our plan for a gradual move, which included figuring out how to get all the cars there (my car plus the hubs's work van and truck). It ended up being cheaper to cancel our inbound flight to St. Louis and drive the car instead, so that's what we did, and we flew back yesterday, car-less and puppy-less (we left both at my parents' house).

Now we're back in L.A. for two weeks, then driving the work van to St. Louis for a big job the hubs has booked, and we'll be taking some more things to drop at my parents' house. We'll be in the Lou until the 22nd, then head to Dallas for Christmas with his family, then drive back to L.A. (I'm already exhausted!) Then January is packing up everything else and we'll officially be moving at the end of the month!

I know it's going to go by in a blink, so prepare yourselves for some patchiness in the blog, and thanks ahead of time for your lenience!

How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

{All images by Parsimonia}


  1. My T-day was pretty cool. I was down in Santa Barbara area with my boyfriend's parents, and it was great to get out of the bay area and away from work for a while. And the beach didn't hurt!

    I just wish we had more time to be together before he flew back to school in Portland...


  2. So, when I move away, you move back. Unfair!


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